Friday, September 21, 2007

Let's give this a try...

So we (or Lindsey) decided to start a blog. It seems like a natural progression after getting bored looking at Facebook accounts of people you don't even know - is it just me or do those college kids seem to get younger and younger?

Brent's parents and Grandma Agnes and Grandpa Sonny came to dinner tonight. We ate on the dining room table for the first time and also enjoyed eating off our wedding china! The menu was: grilled chicken, asparagus, red potatoes, and yummy carrot souffle. The cheesecake that would just NOT set last night was also good even though I served it tentatively. Sorry Sonny - Agnes would not let him take a piece home. I tried...we secretly plotted to tuck it into his shirt pocket, but she caught on. Even though she's in her mid-80's you're not getting anything by her...

It was a great dinner and now I'm going to enjoy the rest of a late summer night with my husband.

When we get our camera fixed we'll post some pictures...but I'm trying to think of what could possibly be exciting enough to merit a picture...I might have to start posting pictures of someone else's baby

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