Monday, April 15, 2013

18 Months

Happy belated half birthday, Jack!  We had a special day last Friday for your "birthday", just you and Mom.  We went to the mall (your favorite - ha!), bought some new Stride Rite shoes for you since I grossly mis-measured and ordered the wrong size online (lesson learned), and had lunch at Panera where some sweet little girl gave you a flower cookie.  After your nap you went to the park, but that's pretty normal on nice days.

New stuff this month:

*Words: water, milk, truck (GUH), dog, boots, shoes, binky, book  

*Signs: monkey, hat, dog, and some signs that you're good at but we unfortunately don't know.  We need to remember to ask Ms. Krysta and Ms. Annie this week.

Official stats from our (new) pedi visit last week:
*Weight - 27 lbs, 1 oz (75%)

*Height - 33 inches (68%)

*Head Circumference - 19 1/2 inches (92%)

*Teeth - Still 12.  The top cuspids are getting ready to pop through soon.

*Clothing - 18-24 months, some 12-18m or even 2T depending on the item or brand.  Still size 5 diapers, same setting on your cloth dipes.    

Here are a few gems from your 18 month photo shoot.  You weren't really in the mood.  

WE LOVE YOU.  Even when you make faces like this.