Saturday, October 19, 2013

Two Year Stats

Jack had his two year appointment this Wednesday so I'll do his official two year blog post now.  I will blame my tardiness on having to reschedule that well-check...yeah, I'm not a bad blogger at all.

Weight: 31 lbs (82nd percentile)
Height: 35.25" (71st percentile)
Head: 19.75" (86th percentile)

Clothing sizes:
Wears a 2T in almost everything and a 3T in most jammies.  Is still in a size 6 diaper but the number of leaks at night tells me that we should size up...if a bigger size existed.  Hopefully potty training isn't too far down the road but it seems like it probably is.  Mainly wearing a size 9 shoe save for one pair of Stride Rite 8s that run big.

18?  Does that sound right?  I've gotten a little off on my teeth chart updating but you have them all except for both second year molars on the left side.

What you love:
You love all things train and truck.  Steamies, diesels, dump trucks, bulldozers, garbage trucks, you love them all.  You've taken a strong interest in Thomas lately but your favorite is watching YouTube videos of real trains.  Steam engines is your #1 video preference but sometimes you ask for diesels.  You like to play the cube game with Daddy and I in the evenings after supper.  It's the ThinkFun Roll and Play game that neighbors Lucca and Sal gave you for your birthday.  Wonderful game for the 2 year old crowd, moms!  And speaking of, you love playing outside on the driveways with "Bucca and Sal".

What you're saying these days:
You have become so conversational with us lately and we really love it - mainly, except for when you're using your mad conversational skills to be demanding.  Some classic Jack phrases at the current moment are:

"Not this one, Mommy" (wanting me to change a train YouTube video - constantly)
"We'll come back." (he says this every time we leave somewhere, even the doctor's office last week after getting his shots)
"Night-night, see you in the mohning!"
"No, you're a meatball!" (that's a little thing that he and Brent do back and forth, calling each other meatballs.  Beats me, friends, but they think it is hilarious.)
"I like chocolate milk, Mommy" (he leaned over close to my face in a Panera one day last week, patted my arm and said this so sweetly.  I know you do, baby, and so do I.)
"Let'!!!!!" (talking about the cube game above)
"Play outside!"
"I need more" and "I need some" are crowd favorites with Mom and Dad
"Let'!" (talking about watching steam engine videos on YouTube)
Random funny thing - we have a lamp base shaped like the Eiffel Tower and no lamp shade on it that still doesn't have a home in our house, and you grab it all the time to use as your microphone.  You sing "Away in a Manger" into it mainly, but sometimes "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

Favorite books:
Steam Train, Dream Train
Giraffes Can't Dance
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
Go, Train, Go!
Dear Zoo
Goodnight, Gorilla

Favorite songs:
*Away in a Manger was hot in September - hopefully you are still into it in two months
* the Airplane Song and Truck Song (or Dump Truck Song, or Garbage Truck Song, or the Fill-in-the-Heavy-Equipment-Here Song because it's basically the same tune) - these are songs that I've made up and they typically go like this (but are subject to change at any second because I make it up as I go):

"There's a garbage truck in our neighborhood
Our neighborhood
Dear Jacky
There's a garbage truck in our neighborhood
Dear Jacky a truck

He is here to get our garbage
Our garbage
Our garbage
He is here to get our garbage
Our garbage that truck

He hooks up the ca-aaan
And li-iiifts it up
Then du-uumps it out
Then hooks up another can

He is here to get our garbage
Our garbage that truck"

I had no idea this would end up being such a huge hit but I sing some variation of this at least 11 times a day.  I should probably go ahead and make my own CD now.

Big kid stuff:
Well this wouldn't be a mom blog if I didn't mention that you pooped on the potty last month!  No action since then, but that's okay.  You were pretty happy with your "tweat" afterwards but not impressed enough to do it again.

We switched your car seat to forward facing this week and you are loving it!  I really like it too - I can keep an eye on if you're falling asleep or not.  It only took approximately 3.5 seconds of forward facing before you were telling me how to drive - "Faster!".

You can count to six pretty steadily but have made it up to 11 before - but only if you skip over seven.  You impressed me one day when I was counting and you pulled through with "fourteen"!

When we went to the doctor this week and I told you where we were going, you started shaking your pointer finger and said "No mooe monekys jumpin da bed!".  Momma call the doctor!

I know, enough already.  I can't remember all the funny things that you do every day that make us laugh, but I know that I thank God for you every single day.  Happy birthday, sweet baby!  


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