Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jack - 20.5 months

What you're saying these days -
You've added just a couple of two word phrases to your repertoire, including "My turn", "Tank oo" and sometimes "Blue dog" (instead of just Bluuuuu).  You repeat a lot of what we say now as new words.  Everything is "yewwoh" if we ask you what color it is, but you will repeat red, green, blue, and purple after we've said it.  My favorite new words are: Melmo (Elmo), Hey!, K (okay), Pweeease, Uh-oh.  You constantly call for "Monnie" to come see you and are always asking about her.      


Favorite activities -
Drawing with a pen or crayon, watching 'Ma, 'Ma!  (Thomas) just to hear the sing-along songs, standing on the kitchen chairs and getting things off of the table, blowing bubbles on the deck, playing in your water table, going to the neighborhood pool "Wa-wa?", opening and closing the garage door for us.

Favorite books -
The Little Engine That Could
My Truck is Stuck
The Davey books
McDuff books

Weight - ~29 pounds
Height - ~34 inches

Clothing - size 2T in most things, but some 18-24m Gymboree stuff still fits.  You've moved up to size 6 diaper and wear a size 8 shoe.

Teeth - 15.  The top cuspids are through and a second molar popped through on the upper right since the last update.  I noticed the points of the last two cuspids last night so I'm hoping those pop through soon since they have been about the worst.  You're still a pretty decent teether though, so by worst I mean really not that bad. 

Movement -
You can jump with both feet off the ground now and like to say "Jump!" while you do it.  Last night we were headed up the stairs, and I was surprised to see you taking the steps without holding on to the railing.  You thought that was pretty hot stuff!  You didn't quite make it up the stairs doing that, but I was impressed nonetheless.  You are strong!  You've also recently started to enjoy throwing balls 

Big kid stuff -
We've been doing puzzles lately and you can now complete both your wooden M&D puzzles.   You're a great helper and can follow a lot of simple requests.  You put your shoes away after we get into the house (if we ask and lead you to the basket), and last night you unpacked your clothes out of my suitcase.  You would run an item into your bedroom, I would tell you if it was dirty or tell you which drawer it belonged in, and you would put it where it belonged.  I thought that was a pretty great new game and hope we can do that a little more often!   



Amanda said...

Jack is bigger than Tiny tot Amelia! He is so cute and such a little smarty already!!

Anonymous said...

Finally, a post! Thanks, you're all looking fabulous...