Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012!

We spent Thanksgiving weekend with my cousin's family in Springfield, IL this year and my mom's side of the family all gathered at her house.  It was a change-up from our normal plans but definitely nice for us, the traveling band of gypsies.  We were able to fly into St. Louis, which is a shorter flight, and our drive to the final destination was much shorter as well.  I know you don't care about these boring details - but if you were the one wrasslin' Jack on the plane, you'd care.

And without further ado, here is the explosion of pictures from Thanksgiving Day:

MaMa and Bay, looking so gorgeous!  

Rob digging into the traditional Cheese Pile

Kissing Grandpa's scratchy face!

There's a shot of the shirt.  When you are a crazy mom and have a shirt made especially for one holiday, you will work at it a bit to get a respectable picture of it.  

Uncle Jeff, Grant, and MaMa

Digging for the best pieces of puppy chow

Turkey shirt didn't last long - it's jammie time for this little traveler!

The traditional camera shot with Michael's camera - not too shabby!  We're missing two full families in this shot, plus some of Lori's.  Maybe next year!  

Cousins on the couch.  


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