Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ten Months.

Happy 10 months, Jack Robert!  I may be a broken record when I say this, but I thank God for you every single day.  We love being your parents more than anything in this world.

Weight - between 23 and 24 lbs
Length - ?
Head Circumference - ?

Clothing Size - 12m are on the way out, and the 12-18m and 18m size fits best, although a little long.  Still a size 4 diaper and the large setting of your BGs.  

Sleeping - Still great!  You decided you're done rocking now.  Sad momma.  :(  You are always awake when you lay down and cuddle with Blue Dog and you do great putting yourself to sleep.    

Teeth - Still just the two bottom teeth at 10 months.

Yup, I checked for you, Mom, but still just two in here.

Eating - No big changes here since you went to three meals at 9 months.  You love to eat!  You still take about 20oz of formula a day.  We tried to mix in a little whole milk a few weeks ago, but we stopped because of spit-up issues.  We're going to try to introduce it again in another few weeks and see if you tolerate it better.

Movement - You crawl everywhere, go up the stairs, and walk all over the house with your walker.  

Words - Da-Da, Ma-Ma, ba-ba, ga-ga, na-na...uh, I'll stop now.  Lots of sounds and grunting, no recognizable words yet.  You're very vocal, and I'm excited for the day when you can put things into words because I am eager to see what you've been talking about all this time.  

Milestones - Moving out of your first house, going a whole evening without power (also the same day you moved, as luck would have it), swimming lessons at Lilly Gulch Rec Center.

Favorite toys/activities - Crawling through your tunnel in the middle of the living room (a moving box) and going up the stairs to mess with your sock monkey nightlight, in addition to the usual stuff: singing, going outside, walking, watching Baby Einstein.  Reading to you is a little harder - it takes a lot to hold your attention these days.  If there are lots of animal sounds and few words on each page, you're okay.  You love to turn the pages with authority.

Dislikes - Having your diaper changed and getting dressed, not getting your food fast enough in the high chair.  

What we love - Your silly faces and kisses. 

What we don't love - Nothing big comes to mind.  You're such a good baby.   

What we're looking forward to - Mom being home with you more starting later this fall.  That's right - she finally got a part time schedule approved.  HOORAY!


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