Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nine Months.

Happy 9 months, sweet boy!  It's hard to pick which month you've changed the most in your little life, but this one is definitely near the top!

Weight - 21lb 7oz - 79th percentile
Length - 28 1/2 inches - 59th percentile
Head Circumference - 18 1/4 inches - 87th percentile

Clothing Size - 12m and 12-18m sleepers.  Still a size 4 diaper and the large setting of your BGs. 

Sleeping - Still great!  We put you in a sleepsack (unless it's blazing hot), you cuddle up for a minute, and then we lay you down in your crib.  You're almost always awake when you go down and put yourself to sleep - something we can thank your nanny for when she taught you this months ago!     

Teeth - Two bottom teeth popped through at 8 months, 2.5 weeks on the same day you started crawling.

Eating - You just started eating three meals a day (we added breakfast last weekend) - breakfast is cereal with a cube of fruit, lunch is a fruit or veggie, yogurt, and mum-mum, and dinner is usually whatever we're having plus a puree or two depending on how healthy our dinner is.   You still take between 20-25 oz of formula a day.

Movement - You started crawling two weeks ago and you're into everything now!  You wave hi and bye and you can pull yourself up to your knees in your crib and near the furniture.

Words - I haven't really been keeping track of your words per month, but I'll start now.  You say Da-Da, Ma-Ma, and I am almost sure you said "duck" last night.  :)

Milestones - Swimming for the first time, celebrating your first 4th of July (and also getting your first big ouchie when you toppled off the pool lounge).

Favorite toys/activities - Besides the usual favorites, your new stuff this month is: Being pulled around in a diaper box, pulling yourself up on the tv stand and messing with the dvd player and wires, listening to music (the Toddler Radio station on Pandora has provided hours of entertainment lately), grabbing Bonnie's ears and tail. 

Dislikes - Having your diaper changed and getting dressed, not getting your food fast enough in the high chair. 

What we love - Rocking you to sleep at night, when you get really silly close to bedtime and giggle nonstop.

What we don't love - The diaper changing situation is getting pretty frustrating.  There are only so many new songs to sing and new objects to give you to hold your attention fast enough to change your pants. 

What we're looking forward to - Moving to a new house (if there was a "What we're dreading" cateogry, this would also be found there) and more summer fun with Baby Jack!


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Rachel said...

Amazing how quickly he is growing up!!