Thursday, April 5, 2012

Six Months.

Happy six months, Baby Jack!  We can't believe you've been here half of a year already.  We have so enjoyed these last six months with you.  

Weight - 16lbs 8 oz - 32nd percentile

Length - 26 3/4 in - 63rd percentile

Head Circumference - 17 1/4 in - 52nd percentile

Clothing Size - You're still in some 6 month outfits, but 9 month and 6-9 month sleepers fit you the best.  I put you in one of your 12 month Carter's rompers this weekend and it wasn't overly enormous on you.  You're getting so big!  You wear a size 3 diaper and you're still on the medium setting of BG's.

Hair - Your hair has really started to fill in more this month.  It's grown a lot on the top but the back has some catching up to do.  You still have your crazy Gene Wilder wisps.

Sleeping - With the exception of the week you had a sinus infection, your sleep has been pretty great.  You still nap 3 to 4 times a day and sleep 9-10 hours at night.  The biggest development in sleep is that we finally unswaddled you this weekend and you kept sleeping through the night without a hitch.  You still wear a sleepsack at night but your arms are finally free!

Teeth - none yet

Eating - Big changes on the eating front this month.  You now eat squash, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, and bananas in addition to your cereal.  You really hate green beans.  I've been having fun making your baby food!  You still have a few bottles of breastmilk everyday and the rest is formula.  Your total milk intake is still around 30oz a day.  

Movement - You have gotten very good at sitting in the last week or so, and have been pulling your knees up underneath you while you're on your tummy.  I have a feeling that crawling is coming soon.  You figured out that the jumperoo is for jumping, and are a rolling fool whenever you're on the floor.  You're busy, busy, busy.

Milestones - First hotel stay, attending your first race to watch Dad at the finish line.

Favorite toys/activities - You're pretty into Bonnie now.  You love to hit pet her and watch her intently every time you're in the same room together.  You love to eat and read.  You love our usual songs and animal noises.  Your LeapFrog puppy, Scout, is pretty amusing and you like playing with your stacking donuts.  You're pretty into swiping things with your fingers, constantly.

Dislikes - When we leave the room and sitting still.

What we love - We love that you're quick to smile when we talk to you and it doesn't take much to get you to laugh anymore.  You were so easy when we had to give you medicine and handled a couple weeks of sickness like a real trooper.

What we don't love - Sickness attacking our baby, and when you flip over every time we change your diaper.  

What we're looking forward to - another great six months with Baby Jack!

Not yet, babe.  We'll buy you some mum-mums this weekend instead.


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Anonymous said...


Jack is still beautiful, even as he ages! Also, great to see Brent is a runner - maybe some July you all will come home for the little K'ville mimi triathlon (teams allowed).

But it's a month, I think since Rob went home ? How are things progressing?

Happy spring,