Sunday, March 11, 2012

Independence Day!

(a Big Lou guest blog)

That's what it says for March 12th on the calendar in Rob's hospital room.  He's been in rehab on the fourth floor at Parkview Hospital since February 20th.  He is scheduled to be discharged on the 13th, so today we asked his nurse just what was meant by Independence Day, as in, will he be allowed to go wherever he wants and do whatever he needs to do with out someone hovering nearby and so forth.  She said it just means it's his last full day and that we'll be crossing our t's and dotting our i's and making sure we're ready for Tuesday. 

So, sorry, Rob.  Probably won't have any real privacy on your "Independence Day," won't be long.  Rehab has been painful and grueling, but it's the only way back, and he's working hard.  I took a camera today, thinking I might get a current picture, but Rob says that people in the hospital don't want to
be photographed, so here's one of all of us taken two years ago in Vegas.

We're independent.  We're happy!

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