Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hawaii Five-0

We're leaving tomorrow for what will be a really, really fun weekend in Indiana with lots of bloggable events and pictures, so it's time to throw my last catch-up post out there to the interwebz.

About two days after we got back from our last whirlwind trip home in late May, we left again for our vacation in Hawaii.  We booked our timeshare week on Kauai many moons ago, back before we knew we were 1.) both changing jobs, 2.) moving to Denver, 3.) having a baby, and 4.) potentially selling a house and potentially closing on the Tuesday we were in Hawaii.  So needless to say, even though our trip didn't come at the most convenient time, we're glad we got to go back to our honeymoon spot for a week.  It was just the relaxation time we needed in the middle of this crazy season in our lives.

We ate at some great places:

Scotty's BBQ in Kapa'a - our very own Scotty's Brewhouse in Indiana sent them a shirt, apparently

One yummy dinner of many.  Other great places we dined were The Tavern (twice), Duke's Canoe Club, and CJ's Steakhouse. 

We ran a race:

He and his running buddy, which he blew by in the end.  It was pretty race was over already so I got to witness the fight to the finish in all  it's glory.  That's my husband, folks.  She is supposedly some really good runner who lives on the island, so he knew that for the sake of competition he couldn't let up and let her cross through the finisher's gate first.  He beat her.  I'm glad, because frankly I find her thin frame and super tiny little sports bra a bit intimidating.

This was an 8-mile race and a 5k held at Haenlai Bay on the Saturday we were there, with an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. Since Brent wanted to do the 8-mile run, and I really like pancakes, I decided to register for the 5k.  As we were sitting there eating our pancakes and chatting, Brent stops all of a sudden and says, "They called your name!".  HUH?  I mosey up to the awards table, where they hand me a second place age division medal.  I've never come remotely close to placing in my age division, but here at 24 weeks pregnant they're handing me a medal.  My question to the five women I beat that day is this - what were you doing back there?  Seriously, what were you doing?  I was just running for pancakes and finished the 5k in 40 minutes and something.  Note for the future - enter little bitty races.  They're easy-pickin's for award medals, apparently. 

We visited the Waimea Canyon:

I had bronchitis and stayed in the car the last time we were here, so it was nice to take in the view in 2011.

We putzed around the island visiting random things, like waterfalls, lighthouses, etc:

Love those Kauai roosters!

And we hiked the Nepali Coast:

Our plan was to make it to Hanakapi'ai, where the trail goes down to a beach. 

We were almost to the beach, but ran into some wet, slick rocks while descending.  Brent fell down one of them and bruised up his leg, I almost bit it a few times, and that's when I stopped and said "Lindsey, you're an idiot".  Activity #345 I guess you shouldn't do while pregnant - hike down precariously slick rocks.  We turned around at that point.  On the way back I met a woman who looked about six months pregnant as well.  I told her, "Be careful!  Really, the rocks are slick, be careful!"  She thought I was crazy. 

We love going to Kauai and will probably go back in another five years or so.  It's such a relaxing vacation.  It's worth the flight over and back...even with a strange headwind that increases your already long flight time by more than an hour...really. 


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