Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Pretty original title, huh? That's all I could think to write. Sad.

We had a pretty good weekend here - relaxation with a sprinkling of fun activities. On Saturday Brent and Chris ran the Morse Mini in Cicero. I picked Brent up right after the race, he changed quickly in the Hamilton Heights' high school bathroom, and we headed up to West Lafayette for Purdue's home opener against the University of Toledo. It was a good game and a fairly painless win, so on we roll to Eugene next week! Which, could turn out better than we anticipated against the Ducks, what with their star running back suspended for the season and all. Hey, I was with him that the Boise player may have deserved a quick pop to the face for taunting (it's not like he got hurt), but it's when you start running towards fans that it becomes apparent you have a real self-control problem.

I did laundry and made freezer meals on Sunday afternoon (Freezer Burritos and Chicken Green Bean Casserole) before our next fun activity - RibAmerica! We tried it out with the Sinders' for the first time (for all of us). We were kind of disappointed, but it was worth a try. The food was just so.darned.expensive. We didn't last very long before we high-tailed it to the patio at the new Scotty's downtown for Woodchuck and half-priced appetizers.

$40 worth of rib and fried potato carnage

I spent most of my day today making lunch for my team tomorrow. They met the goal I set for them so this will be their treat. It's a simple lunch - deli sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit, chips, and brownies - but I supposed I underestimated the time it takes to prepare even a simple lunch for 25 people. Okay, I have to laugh at myself here for thinking this, because as you'll see from the picture, a lot of this isn't too tough. I'll quit being a weenie now...

I think you've probably all seen this before, but just in case you haven't, this is a real gem. I promise it will make you feel all happy inside.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! Yay for Fall!


Rachel said...

What a fabulous supervisor you are! I hope they love the food and it does wonders for the morale! Note to self: watch youtube video at home tonight.

Bob and LouAnne said...

The food looks yummy. Good job, Sweet Pea. You know I was thinking for next time that the chicken casserole for 25 might be easier. Just add some green beans and rolls. I'll put the recipe on the blog next week.

Emma and Greg said...

Hey Linds! What a great Labor Day weekend :) PS: You are a KICK-ACE supervisor! If your crew doesnt know what a gem they have as a boss, i would be more than happy to give them a call :) HOpe all is well in the Stevenson household! Take care... LOVE AND MISS YOU TONS! :)