Saturday, March 28, 2009

Since We've Been Home...

...not much has happened, but yet our vacation seems like a memory from the distant past. We took a few more days off after coming back from Italy and used the time to hang out, recover from jet lag, and watch basketball (of course). I spent last Friday in Kendallville for Mom's birthday and was able to see Audrey, Ashley and Laura as well. Mom, Dad, Rob and I had a delicious dinner at The Cork 'n Cleaver before Mom and Dad went to the Gordon Ligthfoot concert. Woooooo, Gordon!!! Sorry, I'll stop making fun of that now. It's just funny to me.

We went back to work on Monday (another WOOOOO for that!) and then proceeded to have the worst two days with Bonnie ever. Then, she was better for awhile, and today she's been Satan Spawn again. Her stunt today was peeing all over another bed (and another down comforter)and jumping up on the kitchen table to pull Brent's Blackberry to the ground and mutilate the case and chew up the phone. I don't even have our comforter back from the dry cleaner's yet from the first time!!!! Seriously folks, I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. Any suggestions? Please don't respond by saying I need the Dog Whisperer. Bonnie's not worth paying that much. I'm going to take her to obedience classes but the next round doesn't start until April 23rd. I don't know if we, and our house, can survive that long.

Enough ranting. Sorry. I'm just very frustrated.

In happier news, Rachel and I ran the Sam Costa Quarter Marathon yesterday and conquered it! If you'll recall, last year we wussed out mid-race because it was so dang cold. We took off our numbers and headed back for some cookies, and then to Starbucks. :) We finished the 6.55 miles this year and went home with the satisfaction that we had already burned 700+ calories before 11:00 a.m. on a Saturday. We also left realizing that the mini is twice as long...and yeah. It's a long race. Saturday really wiped me out for some reason, and I accidentally fell into a 4-hour nap when I got home. Whoops. So much for being productive.

Way to go, Boilermakers, for a winning the Big Ten Tournament and advancing to the Sweet Sixteen! Thanks for keeping us entertained through the long winter! See ya again in November. (Although it is regretful that I won't see Chris Kramer's cutie-pie face until then.)

This post is random, I know.

Can't believe it's almost 9 o'clock. Can't believe the weekend's over. That makes me sad. Buuut....two more weeks until Easter!

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Rachel said...

The run did me in too, I was on the couch for 5 hours until Justin got home! Sorry I have no Bonnie advice, but I'm convinced she has to start getting better soon!!